June 22nd, 2020

All Access Life News

On this page we will keep you in the loop on what's new in the All Access Life world! Major website updates will be emailed out to our subscribers. However, weekly news and smaller scale updates will be posted on this page.

What have we been up to during this pandemic?!

First off, we haven't seen each other in person in over 4 months now! We've been working together for over 10 years and have never been this long without seeing one another. The first few weeks were hard, but as always we found ways to adapt. If there's one thing we are masters at, it's definitely at adapting to situations! We began using Zoom's Video Conference software to complete Brad's courses online, work on All Access Life, and just hanging out and chatting! We had to temporarily stop filming videos since we were not together, but we've now begun filming our videos using this same Video Conference Software. This is only temporary and we do have plans to slowly get into the groove of this "new normal" and find safe ways to work together in person. Until then you can continue to expect to see us active on this website and social media in this new adapted way! We've also had plenty of free time to work on projects we didn't have the time for in the past, so you can expect new and exciting news sometime in the future! 

We are also actively looking into revamping this website to make it more accessible and better optimized for cellphones and tablets.

As always, we truly appreciate your support on this journey!

All Access Life