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Apps and Software

On this page, we connect you to a variety of affordable, innovative, and trending adaptive apps and software. Don't see one of your favorite adaptive apps or software here? Contact us so we can add it to the list! 


InnerVoice now features exciting new Azure artificial intelligence technology — which is designed to help all types of individuals become successful communicators.


Snap&Read offers the most complete toolkit available to meet the different ways and styles in which students learn today—from students who have challenges that affect their ability to read to the most advanced students who appreciate a structured approach to tackle assignments.

SENict Software

Animal Whimsy is a captivating cause and effect program for young people with additional needs who are learning to interact with their world through a computer.

Special Numbers

Help children develop important early number skills. Designed in collaboration with professionals and parents to support children's learning and grow with them as confidence and skills develop.

Special Sentences

Support emerging readers by creating resources tailored to individual learning needs. Adapt school work to encourage sentence building, comprehension, listening skills and confidence in reading.

Special Stories

Enhance children and young adult's social skills and reading. Support home-school communication, explain step-by-step tasks, adapt school work and more by creating stories tailored to individual learning needs.

Special Spelling

Support children to become confident with spelling at home and school. Turn screen time into a fun learning experience to practice spelling patterns, letter recognition, sound production, and increase sight-word vocabulary.

Special Words

Help children reach their speech and language goals with Special Words. Designed for communication and language development, Special Words is transforming literacy around the world.

Write My Name

This is the an amazing Writing App to have users practice writing letters, words, names and phrases. This is a great App to get down the basics of writing.

Injiji: Child Development

This App is highly recommended to work on a child's letters, numbers, shapes and colors knowledge. It's a Developmental App that uses fun interactive matching, sequencing, patterns, and tracking moving objects games to help develop and train the users brain.