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Adaptive Products and Assistive Technologies

On this page, we connect you to a variety of affordable, innovative, and trending adaptive products and assistive technologies. Don't see one of your favorite adaptive products or assistive technologies here? Contact us so we can add it to the list!

Skoogmusic Skoog 2.0

This is a tactile cube that allows children with disabilities to explore creative opportunities. This allows children who would have trouble playing traditional instruments the ability to join in on the fun and make their own form of music! This is the perfect inclusive musical device.

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Push Pop Bubble

Push Pop Bubble, Squeeze Sensory Fidget, Anti Stress Reliever Silicone Fun Toy, Anti-Anxiety Autism Special Needs Emotion Restore Toy, Snapperz Fidget Pack us Tool (Rainbow & Orange).


Sensory Chew Necklaces for Boys, Girls, Kids, Adults with Autism/ADHD/Special Needs Toys, BPA Free Silicone Baby Teether, Biting, Oral Motor Chew Toy (Shark teeth)

Fidget Toys

EDsports 19 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys Set-Bike Chain,Marble Fidget Toys,Rainbow Magic Sensory Balls,Squeeze-a-Bean Soybeans for Autistic Relieves Stress

Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys is an innovative construction set. Colorfully constructed, brilliantly designed, Joinks engage the fingers and mind in fantastic building experience.

The Color Coded Chef

This unique system emphasizes visual communication.  The carefully designed interface removes many of the traditional barriers of cooking.  This kit includes the recipes, and the utensils to make fantastic meals.

Converse Kids Easy Slip Shoes

Craft a cool, retro-inspired look with some help from the Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Easy Slip high-top sneaker. Made from a durable canvas upper with an elasticized lacing system and hook-and-loop flaps at the ankle provide a quick and easy on and off.

LED Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinner are great gadgets to reduce stress and produce a calming effect. This specific Fidget Spinner also has built in LED lights built in for added sensory stimulation.

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Vibes High Fidelity Ear Plugs

These are unlike traditional noise cancelling headphones in the sense they are barely noticeable when they are in the ears. They lower decibels to more comfortable levels without sacrificing sound quality instead of the traditional style foam style earplugs that muffle sound. This will make it easier for the user to communicate verbally with others and hear everything around them clearly.

Pod Swing Set

This is another product that can help reduce anxiety and stress. The perfect tool to have combo with reading or just to take a break, calm down and relax. This is a great tool for a child with Autism and gives them a fun new exciting way to engage in daily tasks.

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