This show revolves around a very unique family, a Mother, Father and three siblings one of which has non-verbal Cerebral Palsy. It's a comedy show and does a great job portraying some of the struggles and challenges JJ (who has Cerebral Palsy) and his family face while at the same time showcasing the fun side of JJ's life, taking away much of the stigma attached to Cerebral Palsy. A fun way to educate yourself on Cerebral Palsy. Highly Recommend!

Let's Cure CP

This website is a non-profit organization committed to funding cerebral palsy research.

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

This website offer loads of information! Anything from picking the right wheelchair to informing you of upcoming events. It also offers valuable tips and information for Caregivers.

Healthy Meal Delivery

This company offers healthy meal deliveries right to your door! Sign up to their service and receive 20 healthy, ready to go meals every 2 weeks. They curate the meals for you and you receive a variety of five meals, four of each. The meals contain healthy fats, proteins, and are less than 9 grams of sugar each. They are ready for you to steam and blend to the consistency that’s right for your child.

Children Living with Cerebral Palsy

This website is very easy to navigate and has a lot of useful categories to help in different areas of your child's life. For parents looking for information and suggestions to assist the life of your child, this is the site for you!

Cerebral Palsy 



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