Cerebral Palsy



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This young man with Cerebral Palsy invents a device to help him live a fuller, more active life!

This is a story about a 24 year old woman living with Cerebral Palsy who's about to finish her communication's degree and enter the work force. She has an amazing outlook on life and radiates joy and happiness. She's fearless and ready to break down any barrier that gets in her way.

This 15 year old was born with Cerebral Palsy and discovers a communication device and uses it for the first time! His family explains how they use to communicate and he showcases how life changing this new device is for him and his future.

This remarkable young man born with Cerebral Palsy is the "light" of his family. People in his family go to him when they are feeling down. His mother was diagnosed with cancer and he is there by her side bringing joy to her life everyday that passes.

This is a remarkable story of a young woman living with Cerebral Palsy. It gives you an in depth view of her life and showcases the impact technology has for her communication and her determination to break down barriers.

This is the story about a 14 year old girl diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy who uses a Dynavox to communicate and explain how important it is for her. Her mother also explains the trial and error period they went through with different communication devices.

A beautiful video from the Rick Hansen Foundation showcasing the importance of inclusion.

This is the prom story of a young woman living with Cerebral Palsy. She has an absolute blast and is surely a night she will never forget. A very heart touching story!

This video showcases how a man living with Cerebral Palsy is able to control his entire computer and run his graphic arts business through a sip and puff switch. It shows the impact Assistive Technology has on people's lives.

This video will 100% blow your mind! Felicia uses her eyes to paint images onto her device with the help of eye-tracking technology! You definitely need to watch this video and see her first ever drawing, a portrait of herself, it's breathtaking!

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