Live Caption

A simple App used to turn speech into text in real time. Get the person to speak in your devices microphone and have it converted on the screen into text! Use it in a variety of different environments.

ASL Dictionary

This is the leading ASL dictionary App that has over 5200 signs! Search the word you want to see in sign and a matching video will show you how to sign the desired word.


This is an App that turns speech into text. You invite others to join a group conversation by using their device to talk into. This allows others to talk into their devices and be displayed as text on your device. Very useful for meetings, large family gatherings.

Braci Pro

This is a sound recognition App that analyses sounds in a given environment and converts them to notifications on your device! You can program the sounds yourself and have them come up as notifications right on your device, it's that simple!

Deaf and hard of hearing icon

Deaf / Hard of Hearing


Apps and Software

On this page, we connect you to a variety of affordable, innovative, and trending adaptive apps and software. Don't see one of your favorite adaptive apps or software here? Contact us so we can add it to the list!