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Adaptive Products and Assistive Technologies

On this page, we connect you to a variety of affordable, innovative, and trending adaptive products and assistive technologies. Don't see one of your favorite adaptive products or assistive technologies here? Contact us so we can add it to the list!

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids

The self-fitting SoundControl hearing aids are the first devices of their kind to receive FDA clearance.  Using Bose CustomTune technology, integrated in the Bose Hear app, users can personalize their settings in about 30 minutes.

Iconoglyph American Sign Language Scrabble Tiles

Master ASL faster and have fun while doing it. Imagine the ease of gaining proficiency through immersion based learning.

This set of 100 wood tiles have clearly printed hand signs and point values. 

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Safe & Snug Winter Hat

This soft bomber-style hat employs unique patent-pending construction, keeping kids super warm while securing their hearing devices safely in place. Stretchy charcoal grey and shearling fleece layers expand to fit. Snap closures provide two options for snugness, and hats fit most, 9-24 months.

Hearall SA-40 Cell Phone Amplifier

The Hearall portable cell phone amplifier pairs to smart phones using Bluetooth.  No more straining to understand on your cell.  Up to 40dB amplification, with volume and tone controls. Eliminates static and interference  T-coil and hearing aid-compatible.

Captioned Telephone 840 Plus

Be sure of what people say over the phone with the new CapTel 840. This remarkable phone works like any traditional telephone, but it also shows you written captions during your telephone conversations. Can’t quite hear what they say? Just check the captions!

Alto Amplified Telephone

The Alto amplified corded telephone is the ideal solution for those with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss. This 53dB phone is the first on the market to receive TIA-4953 certification, passing the new industry standards for amplified telephones.


Woojer is a wearable strap that allows you to feel music! It's a powerful, high-fidelity, on-the-go haptic experience. The Strap Edge is built to go with you, so you can feel the intensity of sound no matter where you are. Wear it around your hips, on your chest, or cross-body.


Ditto is a wearable piece of technology that vibrates when a phone call is coming in, a text message was received, an alarm clock going off, and email coming in.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

This is the perfect alarm clock for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing. It'll wake you up with either the powerful bed shaker or adjustable extra loud alarm! It also come equipped with built-in pulsating alert lights. Lastly it comes with a USB phone charger to charge your smart phone!

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This is an assistive device that makes conversations visual for the Deaf and hard of hearing. SpeakSee captures the speech in conversations and transcribes it into text on the smartphone, in real time. This way people with hearing loss can read what's being said.