List Of Deaf Resources


Bee Vicars compiled  a huge list of resources for ASL Students. The list is published on Facebook.

IP Relay Phone Services


IP Relay allows people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf & blind or have a speech disability to use an internet connection, a computer or mobile device and a relay operator. Type what you want to say, then the operator relays the message to your caller and types their response back to you.



This is the website to go to if your wanting to either learn sign from scratch or further your sign knowledge. They offer online learning, printable ASL signs and more! They also have a very educational Youtube channel as well.

Feedspot's Top 60 Deaf resources


Feedspot has created a list of the top 60 blogs, websites and influencers. These resources will give you real world examples and experiences of deaf culture.



This is a great resource for parents of a deaf child. This site will educate you and guide you along your path of figuring out what's best for your child.

Amber Galloway Gallego


This YouTube channel is filled with Amber's unique way to interpret songs into ASL. She drags you into the song with her unique and fun style of signing.

Switched at Birth


This is a very unique TV show that is about how 2 girls were accidentally switched at birth therefore being raised by the wrong parents. One of the girls lost her hearing due to meningitis at a young age. This leaves her "real" parents with the great task of entering a world they previously knew nothing about. Both families have to blend with one another for their daughters sake. 

This Close


This series was created, written and stares Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman, both of whom are deaf. It explores the relationship between 2 best friends Michael and Kate.

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Deaf / Hard of Hearing



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