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On this page, we connect you to a variety of educational, informative, and highly inspirational videos. Don't see one of your favorite videos here? Contact us so we can add it to the list! 

This 8 year old boy who is deaf. He has hopes of making it to the NBA. He's surrounded by a loving and supporting family that are there for him every step of the way. At such a young age he's already breaking down barriers!

This women brings us into her world and explains her journey being deaf and how it's made her who she is today.

This young man is a high level hockey player and doesn't let being deaf hold him back. He's turned questions about what he can't do into belief in what he can do.

This is an inspirational Ted Talk about a man who is deaf and his goal of joining the Military. Even after being shut down multiple times he never lost his dream and eventually joined!

A very cute short film called "Deaf."

A really fun video of a 10-minute photo challenge, staring a young deaf woman. She is a Deaf Dancer and absolutely crushes the 10-minute photo challenge!

This is a fun/silly video of "a day in the life of a sign language interpreter" and showcases what a stereotypical encounter consists of!

This is a heart touching video of two waitresses who learn how to say happy birthday to a little boy in sign language! The mother of the boy is so happy that she films the waitresses doing this wonderful gesture.

A teacher decided to teach her class how to sing happy birthday in sign language to surprise the deaf custodian that works at the school. His reaction is amazing!

A deaf child enjoying his trip at Disney gets a wonderful surprise when a couple of Disney characters start signing in ASL!