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Here you will find the latest trends on technology, apps, resources and more for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. We are constantly searching for new resources!

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Here you will find technology and gadgets that can assist you in many ways and make your life more accessible. 

Pullover Pal

For many individuals who have hearing loss a traffic stop can be a stressful situation. The cards immediately notify the law enforcement officer that the driver has hearing loss. This will help decrease the driver's stress levels.

To learn more about Pullover Pal or to buy your own Click Link Below.


This is an assistive device that makes conversations visual for the Deaf and hard of hearing. SpeakSee captures the speech in conversations and transcribes it into text on the smartphone, in real time. This way people with hearing loss can read what's being said. 

To learn more about SpeakSee click the link below.

Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

This is the perfect alarm clock for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing. It'll wake you up with either the powerful bed shaker or adjustable extra loud alarm! It also come equipped with built-in pulsating alert lights. Lastly it comes with a USB phone charger to charge your smart phone! (Canada): (USA):


Ditto is a wearable piece of technology that vibrates when a phone call is coming in, a text message was received, an alarm clock going off, and email coming in... It comes equipped with a free App that allows you to customize the specific vibrating pattern so you know who's calling for example. You can set "favorites" to your Ditto so it will only vibrate when someone on your favorite list calls. It also alerts you by vibrating when your cellphone is out of range, allowing you to never forget or lose your phone again!

To learn more about Ditto or to buy your own Click Link Below.