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On this page, we connect you to a variety of educational, informative, and highly inspirational videos. Don't see one of your favorite videos here? Contact us so we can add it to the list! 

This is an educational video where a woman with Down Syndrome answers questions from viewers regarding Down Syndrome. She talks about her experiences and barriers she's broken down along the way.

An MMA fighter with Down Syndrome? This is an inspirational story of a man with Down Syndrome who chases his dream to become a UFC fighter.

This is a very heart touching video of a young man with Down Syndrome finding out he got hired at his first job!

This is a real life educational video where people with Down Syndrome answer common questions people have and break stigmas attached to Down Syndrome.

This is an inspirational story of a young man with Down Syndrome who's passion is Football. He's apart of an amazing community and surrounded by positivity and love!

This is a video about a man with Down Syndrome who has 3 goals, get a job, move out and get a girlfriend. It follows him on his journey and shows how he breaks down barriers along the way.

In this video we join a girl with Down Syndrome on her journey to find a job she's passionate about. It follows her on this amazing journey and shows you how capable she is and how she lets nothing get in her way.

This video gives you a look inside the mind of a parent of a child with Down Syndrome. He talks about how positive of an experience it is and how much joy his son brings to his life.

This is a very unique video of a mother who gave birth to twins that have Down Syndrome. The Doctor apologized to the Mother for her daughters having Down Syndrome, but the mother doesn't understand why? She wouldn't change them for the world.

This has to be one of the cutest videos on the internet! 50 moms film themselves doing karaoke lip sync in support of World Down Syndrome Day!

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