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Here you will find technology and gadgets that can assist you in many ways and make your life more accessible. 


A new way of putting on socks that will help those with physical limitations! Their unique design allows you to simply put your fingers through the handy loop on the ankle of the sock and slide them on with ease! Say goodbye to the old way of putting on your socks and hello to SockieTalkies!

To learn more about SockieTalkies Click Link Below.

Mobile Stair Lift

This is a portable stair lift that requires no installation! This company’s mission is to provide the safest, most affordable and most adaptive equipment on the market!

To learn more about the Mobile Stair Lift Click Link Below.

AV1 Robot

Even though AV1 is not available everywhere, we decided it was worth showcasing since we love what it does! (you can sign up for their waiting list and follow their progress if interested) this amazing robot is a child’s eyes, ears and voice when they cannot attend class.

To learn more about AV1 Robot Click Link Below.

Sock and Stocking Aid

This device allows people to easily put on socks without having to bend! Ideal for people with limited reach due to knee, back or hip injuries. (Canada): (USA):

Zip Grips

This is a zipper attachment that allows people with limited motor skills the ability to easily pull up or down their zipper with the help of the loop design of the Zip Grip!


To learn more about Zip Grips or to buy your own Click Link Below.