Two In a Million


This is a very inspirational TV show that takes two people with very rare conditions and brings them together to meet one another. They share hardships and triumphs and educate viewers on their medical condition. An entertaining way to educate yourself on various disabilities. Highly Recommended!

Mobility Works Accessibility Van Rental


The little things in life can make a big difference. It’s why MobilityWorks has been helping people connect with who and what matters most since 1997. MobilityWorks offers wheelchair accessible van rentals to help you decide which accessible vehicle fits your needs.

Paralysis Nutrition


This nutrition program empowers and educates people with paralysis to make healthier food choices, so they can regain control of their weight and improve bowel issues.

Kitchen Techniques


This website offers strategies to assist people with physical disabilities in the kitchen. It also offer kitchen design ideas to make your kitchen more accessible. It provides a list of tools that you can add to your kitchen to further assist you. Finally, it gives you useful resources of experts who've written books about cooking with disabilities if you'd like to further your research.

Accessible Travel


Thinking of taking a trip? Worried about accessibility? This website has a full service travel platform for people with disabilities!

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Physical Disability



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