The Ultimate Quarantine Resources for People with Disabilities

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Hello and welcome to our list of resources that we've created specifically to assist people with disabilities and their parents during this quarantine period. We hope you can find many useful tools here!

Please SHARE your own resources at the bottom in the comment section so others can benefit

P.S We will continue adding new resources as often as possible so feel free to come back for additional resources

During these “quarantined days” many parents of children with disabilities + students with disabilities + professionals in the field are on the hunt for resources that can be used to assist these students while at home. All Access Life has everything from Adaptive Amazon products, apps, resources/websites, educational/inspirational videos for various disabilities:

Physical Disability:

Cerebral Palsy:

Down Syndrome:


Blind / Visual Impairment:

Deaf / H.O.H:


Deaf Woman Offers Free Virtual Sign Language Classes During Pandemic

Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus

Accessible Teaching during COVID-19

Accessibility Tips for a Better Zoom/Virtual Meeting Experience

The Rick Hansen Foundation COVID-19 Resources

General COVID-19 info

Safer Shopping

Supporting Children and Youth

Financial Assistance


Mental Health

How People Without Disabilities Can Help

Students who normally receive Speech and Language Therapy

Cooking/Baking with AAC

Scholastic Learn at Home

Celebrating Differences (Scholastic)

Jordan Reeves is on a mission to change the way the world views people with disabilities.

Distance / Home Learning Packets and Strategies for Special Education

Chrome Extensions for students with Special Needs

Audible Free books for kids and teens

Virtual outings

Informative Articles and Videos

about coping with COVID-19 for families with children with a disability

10 min Wheelchair Cardio [You Can Do At Home!]

Canadians with disabilities left with few alternatives amid COVID-19 shutdowns

No physio, no socializing: Kids with special needs face new challenges during COVID-19

Home-schooling during pandemic a daunting challenge for families of kids with disabilities


Talking to kids with autism about COVID-19

5 Top Ways to Help Autism Families Cope During COVID-19

COVID-19: How to help children with autism adjust during self-isolation

Cerebral Palsy

Information about COVID-19 for Cerebral Palsy patients

Down Syndrome

Learning from Home

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

YouTube Video: Deaf Questions About The Quarantine

How to Communicate to hospital staff during COVID-19

Teachers of Deaf or Hard of Hearing students

National Association of the Deaf Resources

Accessibility Strategies for Deaf / Hard of Hearing People in Remote Meetings

Captioning options for Videoconferencing

Communication Service for the Deaf

Blind and Visual Impairments

Getting Fresh Air with Microsoft Soundscape

CVI Friendly YouTube Videos for Children with CVI

Free digital downloads from National Braille Press Until April 30th!

Stay-at-home activities for children with Visual Impairments

National Homework Hotline for Blind/Visually Impaired Students (U.S)

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