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Over the past decade, we've delivered a variety of presentations at schools and corporate events. Recently, we've been doing virtual presentations. These have been a game-changer for us since we can now deliver these presentations worldwide! Bradley is able to share his screen so that the participants can see him navigate his eye-tracking technology in real-time as I explain in-depth how it works. 


Our presentation topics include:

  • Bradley's childhood what it was like growing up with cerebral palsy

  • Our journey where it all began to the present

  • All Access Life why we created it/our goals/mission

  • Adaptive Gaming Xbox Adaptive Controller + Eye-Tracking

  • Bradley's evolution of AAC Devices starting from a communication book at the age of 4

  • We're also very adaptable, if you have another topic in mind let us know!

Our unique presentation style will be like nothing you've ever experienced. We use our decades of experience using assistive technologies to create a captivating and engaging presentation. Our unique journey is filled with powerful stories that will leave a lasting impression on the audience. Our presentation will showcase what's possible with determination, a positive attitude, and a no-limit mindset. We also hold a Q&A session at the end of our presentations for participants to engage with us and ask questions.

If you're interested in having us deliver a presentation please fill out the contact form below.

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