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Hey everyone. I'm a stay at home mother of two special needs kiddos, well three technically. Our stepson just turned 18 getting ready to graduate and headed to ISU in the fall. He has mild aspergers/or high functioning autism. He will graduate later this month with at least a 3.9 gpa My daughter Addison is 8. She was born at 24 wks gestation weighing 1lb9oz. She spent 115 days in the NICU. Her diagnosis include: Cerebral Palsy, 22q Deletion/DiGeorge syndrome, and speech delay. She uses some sign language and Ipad daily with Lamp words for life. We have a gait trainer and wheelchair she uses daily and we're starting to work with canes as well. Our youngest Wyatt, is 4. He was also early at 31 wks 3lb1oz. He spent 30 days in NICU but has had more medically then she has. He's had 4 surgeries in 2 yrs. including 2 eye surgeries, heart surgery to close his pda, and hypospadias repair. While there classifying him as having cp as well at this time due to his muscle tone issues. So his diagnosis inlcude: strabismus, hydrocephalus, hypotonia, etc. Both also have been wearing afo's since age 1. She was always our loosey goose, he's our tighty tight. He's also in a wheelchair as he isn't quite caught up yet. We've started botox recently and it's made a huge difference. So while we might be a special needs family we wouldn't change a thing. We of course do everything for our kiddos and just try to keep them happy. I'm here just keeping up on resources and learning etc.

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