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My name is Dan O'Connor (Left of Picture) beside me is Bradley Heaven. Bradley was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. I've been working alongside Brad for the past 10 years as his aide. Over the years we've built a very unique and everlasting friendship. Since Bradley is non-verbal we have our own way of communicating with his eye movements and body gestures. However, Bradley also uses technology to communicate with the use of switches located on both sides of his head as well as an eye tracker. Over the years we've seen the amazing effects technology has had on his life. He's already accomplished so much at his young age and has the technology to thank because of it. However, we've noticed how fast technology comes and goes, making it difficult to keep up with the current (sometimes superior) gadgets. Our goal is to create a website that updates the latest trends and movements in accessible technology, apps, and general information. 




Technology, activities and general information on certain disabilities are constantly updating. It can be easy to get comfortable with outdated technology and ways of doing things. Our job here at All Access Life is to keep you up to date with what new and exciting things are out there. We plan to constantly update the site with new information, activities and technology whenever possible. Our goal is to also have a sense of community and allow our members to share their unique setup and tips they've learnt along the way to hopefully aid and inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. 




We hope you take the time to become an active member of All Access Life. Giving us information about yourself and creating a profile will not only help us in assisting you, but also give others the chance to check out your profile, get to know you and find out what brings you to AAL. So please take a couple of minutes to sign up and become a member today by clicking the Sign up / Login button at the top right of the page! It's 100% FREE!!!          Click here to take you there


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