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Logitech has sponsored All Access Life in 2021 and 2022!

These sponsorships include sponsoring our NO LIMITS marathons! During our marathons, we carried a custom-made "Defy Logic" Flag 42.2 kilometers and hoisted it high as we crossed the marathon finish line to honor Logitech and their platinum sponsorship!


We run marathons to raise funds for our nonprofit, All Access Life. These funds allow us to grow our nonprofit and continue empowering people with disabilities. When we got the news that Logitech was going to be our Platinum sponsor for our marathons we were shocked! Having a company as well known as Logitech supporting us at this extremely early stage of our business venture fuels our fires and lets us know we are on the right track.

Our second marathon in 2022


News article: Click here

Our first marathon in 2021

Brad completed the last 4.2km of our marathon in his adaptive walker and truly defied logic on this day! Full story

Logitech's sponsorship played a pivotal role in helping us secure our first ever office space! We now have a space that is ours and will allow us to take our nonprofit to new heights!

How did this partnership begin?

A few years ago, Logitech created The adaptive gaming kit. This was a kit that had a variety of adaptive switches for people with disabilities to be able to join in on the gaming action! These adaptive switches worked with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. These switches allowed Brad to customize his gaming setup and use his head as the controller!! He put an adaptive button on each side of his head and unleashed his inner gamer! We ended up doing a video review of this adaptive gaming kit.

Brad and Dan with Logitech CEO Bracken

Our review caught the attention of some of the Logitech team. Fast forward a year, we found ourselves on a Zoom call with Logitech's CEO Bracken Darrell. We can't say enough good things about him. He's very down to earth and truly believes in making this world a better place for everyone. He's a great example of a leader. We have been taking notes haha.

Brad and Dan on a Zoom call with Logitech's CEO Bracken Darrell

Our sponsorship with them doesn’t stop at the marathon. They’ve also agreed to sponsor us on a yearly basis! This yearly sponsorship has given us the funds continue carrying out our passions working on All Access Life.


We’ll be filming a variety of Logitech Sponsored videos throughout the course of the year and shedding an accessible light on many of their products. We’ll also be working with people from their team to help in the process of creating new adaptive products.

We are very excited that a company as established as Logitech believes in what we are doing and is willing to support us to the fullest.

Thank you Logitech!

Brad and Dan

Our Logitech Videos

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