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Here you will find technology and gadgets that can assist you in many ways and make your life more accessible. 

Ergonomic Training Pencil Grip

This pencil grip can assist people with Autism and can be used as a training tool. It can then be permanently added for additional comfort. It relieves hand pain, reduces fatigue, and improves comfort. (Canada): (USA):

Vans Autism Awareness Shoes

Vans created an Autism Awareness Collection designed to focus on the senses of sight and touch and feature a calming color palette. Vans will donate a minimum of $100,000 of its proceeds from this collection to a skate organization that allows children with Autism to be a part of a social world through skateboarding.

For more information on Vans Autism Awareness Shoes, visit the link below.

Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism

"Uniquely Human is a groundbreaking book on autism, by one of the world’s leading experts, who portrays autism not as a tragic disability, but as a unique way of being human." (Canada): (USA):

Sensory Sheet

This is a cheaper alternative to the weighted blanket. Superior to a weighted blanket, sensory bed sheets give children full comfort to get in and out of bed with ideal stretch and relaxation. (Canada): (USA):

Chill-out Chair

This chair is for development, therapy, and fun! It'll surely be the comfiest chair in the house! The amazing thing about this company is they allow you to build your own customized chair to suit every need!

To learn more about the Chill-out Chair or to buy your own Click Link Below.

Skoogmusic Skoog 2.0

​This is an accessible, tactile cube that allows children with disabilities to explore creative opportunities available on iPad with GarageBand for iOS. This allows children who would have trouble playing traditional instruments the ability to join in on the fun and make their own form of music! This is the perfect inclusive music activity for Autistic children, we highly recommend it!

Apple (Canada): (USA):

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Here you will find Apps you can download on your smart phone or tablet to help assist you in many different ways.

Speak for Yourself

Available for: IOS


Available for: IOS


For people with special needs, the world can be a loud, scary and overwhelming place. The character of Magnus was designed for this community by someone with autism. Magnus helps them to focus and manage activities with decreased stress and greater independence.

Available for: IOS and Android


This app is design specifically for users that have trouble communicating verbally. It offers symbols and pictures to help users articulate their thoughts. This app sets itself aside from other similar AAC apps, since it offers features such as "hotspots" and "visual schedules." There's so much customization on this app, we highly recommend it!

Available for: IPad

Social Skill Builder

This is an amazing Social Skill Builder App. It will help the user build on their friendship, life skills, understanding emotions, problem solving, critical thinking and perspective taking skills.

Available for: IOS


This is a great communication device for at home and in the classroom. This App will help the user to Develop Language and Communicate Faster. Through it's very simple and customizable pages it will allow you to create a unique setup for that specific child.

Available for: Android and IOS


This is a great App to get the user used to a Daily Routine. It offer 3 unique boards: Schedule, Waiting, and Feelings. This way the user gets used to waiting (taking turns), how to follow a schedule and how to express their emotions.

Available for: IOS