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Here you will find technology and gadgets that can assist you in many ways and make your life more accessible. 

Rainbow Music Desk Bells

The bells offer a new and innovative way to play music! They provide an easy way to play songs and practice, clear & rich sounds, well-tuned, lightweight and durable, correct intonation for each note. (Canada): (USA):

Book: D is for Down Syndrome

This book does an amazing job at explaining Down Syndrome to children who may have a friend, family member or classmate who has Down Syndrome. (Canada): (USA):

Automatic Bubble Machine

This automatic bubble machine is a super interactive toy that will surely get every child on their feet and immersed in bubble fun! (Canada): (USA):

Skoogmusic Skoog 2.0

This is an accessible, tactile cube that allows children with disabilities to explore creative opportunities available on iPad with GarageBand for iOS. This allows children who would have trouble playing traditional instruments the ability to join in on the fun and make their own form of music! This is the perfect inclusive music activity for a child with down syndrome, we highly recommend it!

Apple (Canada): (USA):


This is a brand new device from Skoogmusic! The Skwitch is a musical instrument that clips straight on to your iPhone, so within minutes you have a piece of accessible tech that you can use to create music, learn coding, and more! It also turns your iPhone into an accessibility switch for use with Switch Control! 

Apple (Canada):

Apple (USA):

Move and Groove Dance Game

This is a very creative game that can be played alone or with both the parent and child! Kids toss the plush cube, pick a matching colored card, and act out what the card says. This teaches them the basics of game play, balance, creativity, and movement! (Canada): (USA):

Octopus Smart Watch

This would be a great tool for a child with Down Syndrome. It would allow them to visually see their routine on their wrist! It comes with an App you can download to your Smart phone (both Android OS or IOS) which allows you to customize the Watch to your liking. There are over 500 icons to choose from to showcase each unique task as well as a vibration mode to get their attention. You can also earn badges for sticking to your routine as a way of rewarding their good behaviour. We feel this is the perfect product to implement a daily routine.

To learn more about the Octopus Smart Watch Click the link below.

Inflatable Sensory Tray

This is the perfect product for messy activities! Since it's inflatable, it doesn't take up any space. It's also very simple to set up and clean up as well! (Canada): (USA):

My Buddy Tag

This is a great device that's easily worn around your child's wrist, My Buddy Tag allows you to know when your child gets out of the range you've set. It also lets you know when The Buddy Tag gets submerged in water and notifies you after 10 seconds of water detection. If your child does get lost it provides you with an email alert of their last known location. Children with Down Syndrome may sneak off from time to time so we feel this bracelet could help give parents peace of mind knowing their child's location is being monitored at all times!

To learn more about The Buddy Tag Click the link below.

Shockproof Case

This case is the perfect side kick for your IPad! It offers easy grip sides, lightweight and shock absorbent protection in case it's dropped! We recommend it for children with Down Syndrome since IPads seem to be a very helpful tool to them. This case will help keep their IPad held easily in their hands and keep it protected at all times. (Canada): (USA):

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is a great way to get a child with Down Syndrome to stay focused, relax and have fun all at the same time! It's also very easy to clean and won't dry out. A great way to give a child with Down Syndrome a break to relax and have some fun. (Canada): (USA):

Work Station

Every child needs a private space to do activities, this is the perfect activity desk for a child with Down Syndrome. Slanted surfaces are known to be beneficial for the writing skills of people with Down Syndome. This desk comes with a slanted surface that has a child safe finish. It has ample storage space as well. This would be a perfect work station for a child with Down Syndrome. (Canada): (USA):

Easy Grip Scissors

Many children with Down Syndrome enjoy doing arts and crafts but may lack the coordination to use a regular pair of scissors. These are the perfect alternative, making it much easier and safer for them to use. (Canada): (USA):

Pen Again Easy Grip Pen

This pen aids many people who have trouble using your average pen. Its unique wishbone shape allows for ease of use and different mechanics for writing. Instead of gripping the pen, the Pen Again Easy Grip Pen requires you to guide it, making it easier for students who have difficulty with fine motor skills. (Canada): (USA):

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