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We partnered with the Wix team to create a video for Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021.


The goal of this video was to showcase Bradley's experience buying a t-shirt online using his eye tracking device. As an eye tracking user, Bradley often encounters many navigation issues while surfing the web. 

To learn more about Bradley's web surfing experiences, check out his blog post which goes over his top 3 pet peeves!

Blog Post

Make the web a place for everyone.

- Wix

A few months after our initial Silver sponsorship with Wix, they decided to go one step further and became a Gold sponsor for our marathon! 

5 years ago, we decided to build on the Wix platform. This was because of its wide range of accessible features and its intuitive/user-friendly experience. Since our website is primarily for people with disabilities we really enjoy all the accessibility features Wix offers. They truly believe in making your website a place for everyone.

They stayed true to their vision by supporting our nonprofit which aims to empowering people with disabilities. This sponsorship has given us the ability to continue working on our website and working on our passion!

Thank you Wix!

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