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March of Dimes Canada has played a pivotal role in getting us to where we are at today. They've helped us out immensely by funding a variety of our projects.

  • The rebuild of this website

  • Sponsoring a variety of our videos

  • Funding Bradley's eye-tracking device!

Supporting us through funding and sponsoring our projects at these early stages of trying to get All Access Life off the ground has been an absolute blessing.


Thank you, March of Dimes Canada, for everything you've done for us to date. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with you and we can't wait for what the future has in store!

Brad and Dan at March of Dimes Canada event

Back in November 2018, we delivered a presentation at a local event called "Opening Doors for Accessibility" which is where we met Len Baker (seen in the picture), who had just taken on the role of March of Dimes Canada CEO. Len came up to us after our presentation and told us how impressed he was by what we had built with All Access Life and the journey we've been on. He handed us his business card and told us to contact him if we ever needed anything. 

A few months later we took him up on his offer and he replied immediately. He gave us some much-needed advice and after hearing about the difficulties Bradley was having not being able to communicate on the go, he offered to purchase Bradley his first-ever Mobile eye-tracking setup (as seen in the video) In exchange, we would create a collaborative video showcasing this technology! This meant Bradley was no longer confined to a desktop computer. He now had his voice with him anywhere!

This collaboration didn't stop there! Over the years, we've continued meeting new March of Dimes Canada team members and collaborating on new exciting projects! We're thrilled we found a like-minded company like March of Dimes Canada who has helped us grow All Access Life and strive to make an impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

Our March of Dimes Canada Videos

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