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MUVE stands for My Universal Vision for Everyone.

MUVE was designed to assist governments, communities and people of all abilities to organize and deploy safe, reliable, on-demand and pre-booked transportation services through mobile and desktop applications. MUVE’s goal is to facilitate and support a door-to-door, arm to arm service through cutting edge, affordable technology solutions.

We've spent a lot of time waiting at the curb for our local adapted transport service. As you wait outside in the heat, rain or winter months, you never know where your driver is. Also, you have to book days in advance which removes our ability to be spontaneous and capitalize on business and leisure opportunities as they arise.  The service experience is different every time we use it, and that makes planning our busy lifestyles difficult. Without being able to plan or anticipate our travel experience, we often find ourselves apprehensive to be spontaneous and get out and enjoy our community!

We're extremely excited about this sponsorship and we'll be creating a series of videos for MUVE to honor this sponsorship.

Check out MUVE's website:

Thank you MUVE!

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