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Playstation 5 Access Controller

Playstation 5 Access Controller

The Access controller offers adaptable play styles with swappable button and stick caps, allowing users to configure the button layout and choose stick caps that best suit their preferences. Its adjustable stick length feature enables users to customize the extension arm's length for optimal comfort, providing a personalized gaming experience.

Designed for easy access, the controller can be placed in various orientations on flat surfaces, wheelchair trays, or attached to an AMPS pattern mount. With expandable inputs, users can combine up to two Access controllers or integrate them with a DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controller for additional features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, motion sensors, and touchpad swiping. 

The controller supports custom profiles, allowing users to configure up to 30 control profiles on the PS5 console settings and store three profiles on the Access controller for quick switching. With configurable buttons, users can map button inputs, toggle commands, disable buttons, or even assign two commands to a single button for enhanced user-friendly gameplay.

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