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It's Okay To Make Mistakes - Lizzobeeating

We want to take this opportunity to address a hot topic that’s currently circulating.

One of Brad's favorite singers/rappers, Lizzo, released a new song a few days ago. The song contained an ableist slur that had many disability advocates and people with cerebral palsy upset. After hearing what her fans had to say, Lizzo quickly took action and changed the lyric.

Brad states:

As someone with nonverbal spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, I can understand how this ableist slur would offend people. I personally didn’t even notice the slur in the original song, but I’m really glad that Lizzo listened to her fans and corrected the issue.

I don’t think Lizzo intentionally included this lyric to offend anyone, as she promotes love and body positivity.

I think people have the right to be upset by this.

I think Lizzo showed great character by owning the mistake and fixing it.

I believe this is an educational moment for everyone.

It’s okay to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Owning your mistakes and correcting them is one of the many qualities of a good leader.

Lizzo recently made an apology post on social media stating “I never want to promote derogatory language...”

Thank you Lizzo for being someone we can all look up to and for being a true leader!

Image description: Brad is sitting in his wheelchair with a serious look on his face staring at the camera. Behind him is a picture of his favorite rapper Lizzo on the TV. White text at the top of the image reads "We all make mistakes..."

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