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New Office Space!

We're absolutely ECSTATIC to announce we finally landed our first office space for All Access Life! This is by far our biggest accomplishment to date! This is a surreal moment for us and it’s still sinking in…

Getting an office space has been our #1 goal for over 3 years. Today we’ve reached that goal by taking bold action and focusing on small manageable steps to achieve it.

What a wild journey we are on… A journey that has us constantly stepping out of our comfort zones, growing from our failures/mistakes, breaking unimaginable barriers, and learning more and more about each other every day!

A year ago, we came up with the idea to run a marathon as a fundraiser to raise funds for All Access Life. With these funds we would secure an office space, purchase equipment and work on All Access Life full-time.

To-date we currently raised 14,001$ through our GoFundMe Campaign: and have 5 company sponsorships for this event!

Logitech, Wix, Muve, Rifton and, Tobii Dynavox.

The funds raised will be used to propel us forward and allow us to continue to make an impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

We’re forever grateful for all the support along this journey. We’re all one giant TEAM because...

T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore

This is the beginning of an all-new adventure!

Stay tuned for office updates!

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1 Comment

Mary Ann Merchen
Mary Ann Merchen
Oct 13, 2021

Have you tried to get Smartbox to sponsor you? I don't know if you want to have competing companies helping you, but I thought I'd suggest Smartbox, especially since I use Grid 3, its acc software, on a standard tablet, Surface Pro 7.

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