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An Adaptive Painting Story

Being born without the ability to talk, control his muscles or do most everyday tasks autonomously, Bradley once had a difficult time expressing his creative side. However, with the advancements of adaptive products and assistive technologies he found an outlet that allowed him to unleash his inner Picasso... Painting!

Ever since Bradley was a child he has been in love with painting. It allows him to express his creativity and enjoy a relaxing activity that he can do autonomously.

At an early age, Brad would wear an adaptive helmet that had a paint brush attached to it. The paint brush would extend from the top of the helmet to the front of his face. He would then motion his head to select colors and make paint strokes. While he was painting, he would be smiling from ear to ear as he brought his blank canvas to life!

As the years went by and his schoolwork became more demanding, he lost touch with this creative side. An onslaught of essays, assignments, studying, exams, and presentations continued to pile up which made it near impossible to continue with his passion for painting.

In 2017, Brad discovered eye-tracking which gave him the ability express himself by using his eyes to control a computer! This technology was a game changer and allowed Brad to communicate and do his schoolwork in a fraction of the time. Since he now had full control over a computer, this also opened a plethora of new possibilities. He could now play video games, surf the web, take selfies, stay connected with friends and family through social media and much more.

During the fall when it was time for Brad to select his classes for next semester, he stumbled upon a Painting class. We had no idea how this would work, especially since the class would be taught remotely. We knew the other students in the class would be painting the traditional way, but Brad was confident he could paint and keep up with the other students using his eyes to paint! Brad's determination and no limit mindset when it comes to breaking down barriers and trying new things is unmatchable! He added the class to his schedule, and we reached out to the teacher of the course.

We are convinced Dawson College only hires the best since the vast majority of the teachers Brad has had during his 5 years at the College have always been very accommodating. This teacher would be no different and was fully onboard to support Brad as much as possible. He too was highly amazed by Brad's determination and this unique feat he had his mind set on accomplishing.

One of Brad's first assignments was to paint an apple that was placed on a table in front of him in 3 different angles. He spent over 15 hours rigorously painting each angle to his liking. He was extremely proud of his work and sent it out to friends and family. Everyone was extremely impressed!!!

Brad has definitely rediscovered his love for painting! I cannot wait to see what's next for him and all that his creative side has to offer.

Keep on painting Bradley Picasso!

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