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Presenting to the XBOX Team!

We had the pleasure of meeting the XBOX Team and delivering our 1-hour presentation “How I became a Gamer After a Lifetime of Watching Others.”

Since Brad is nonverbal, he shares his screen with the participants and uses eye-tracking technology from Tobii Dynavox to select buttons that he programmed.

Each numbered button contains text he's previously typed up. When he selects a button (using his eyes) his device speaks out the message for everyone.

It was an amazing experience presenting to a team filled with such passionate and dedicated individuals.

In 2018 Xbox launched the Xbox Adaptive Controller which allows people with physical disabilities to join in on the gaming action! Brad was finally able to UNLEASH his inner gamer after growing up passively watching others around him play. He loved watching his siblings play Banjo and Kazooie and Super Mario. He always knew he was a gamer at heart, but there wasn’t anything that existed for him to play... UNTIL NOW!!!

We create adaptive gaming videos and product reviews on our YouTube channel some of them have reached upwards of 1 million views!

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