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How All Access Life Began

Our decade-long journey and experience with adaptive products are what gave us the motivation to start our non-profit, All Access Life, and build this website: The first ever one-stop-shop to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends in adaptive resources.

When I started working with Brad as his fulltime Aide in 2010, I became fascinated with finding new adaptive products and technologies that would improve the quality of his life. Since Brad doesn't have the ability to speak, control his muscles, feed himself or do most routine daily activities autonomously, he relies on these adaptive products to communicate and interact with his environment.

Dan and Brad wearing Dan's "Adaptive iPad stylus" around their heads. Dan is looking proud of his new invention, while Bradley is smiling ear to ear with joy.

I eventually began creating my own “adaptive products” wherever I noticed gaps in the market. One of my most notable inventions was a stylus pen I made from items I purchased at the local dollar store. Brad could wear this device around his head and draw on his iPad!

As the years went by, Brad and I quickly realized how difficult it was to keep up with the abundance of adaptive resources hitting the market. We searched the internet looking for a website that neatly categorized all the life-changing resources out there for people with disabilities, but couldn't find anything!

We decided to build this website ourselves! We didn't know the first thing about website development, we had no experience in the business world and didn't have any idea where to begin. None of that mattered however. We had a vision of what we wanted to create and knew it was something that could greatly benefit people with disabilities all over the world. So, we educated ourselves and went to work!

We knew our unique combination of skillsets; Brad being someone who uses assistive technologies and adaptive products to live his life to the fullest paired with my drive to constantly stay up-to-date on all the latest adaptive resources coming out, that we created the perfect team and could make a large impact in this space. It also meant Brad and I could potentially continue to work together for a lifetime and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities at the same time!

Brad and I believe everyone on this planet should have equal access to life.

Picture of Brad and Dan by the water with text above their heads saying "All individuals should have equal Access to Life" below that is their website URL "" and below that is their slogan "Empowering people with disabilities through adaptive resources" on the right side of the image is a variety of adaptive resources scattered in the form of a collage.

We decided to name our non-profit All Access Life. We would showcase adaptive products, assistive technologies, apps, software and more, that would improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and in turn improve their "access to life."

We've been working on All Access Life over 5 years now. We have huge goals and know if we continue pouring our hearts into it we will improve the lives of people with disabilities all over the world!

This is only the beginning for All Access Life!

Please use the social media icons below to share this post and help spread awareness of this website. We are truly grateful for your support!

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